The story of Wonderfold

2007 was the year of the of Cava Plastics’ world success after having participated in developing and producing the baby bathtub Flexi-Bath. A foldable baby bathtub carried out in sustainable and clean materials and combining great design with a strong desire for a foldable functionality.


Being dog owners, the team behind the success of the foldable bathtub quickly thought of how handy it would be if you could bring along the dog’s comfortable bed on a trip. Without needing a large family car. The idea of how easy it could be cleaned and how soft and flexible it was compared to other dog beds gave momentum to the process from idea to product.
With Wonderfold we could now fulfil 4 major wishes from dog owners.
  • Allergies and hygiene – More and more people are affected by allergies. Even if you choose a hypoallergenic dog, cleanliness is still crucial to minimize allergenic dandruff from animal skin. Many dog beds cannot be washed without losing shape and function. It is also time-consuming to keep the bed clean. Therefore, dirt and unpleasant smells may develop in your home. Especially for puppy owners and people, who raise puppies, it is really difficult to keep the puppies’ living place clean. Wonderfold is 100% cleaning-friendly.
  • Safety on the journey – It is a well-known fact that dogs can feel insecure and stressed in unfamiliar surroundings. However, more and more often we are bringing the dog along on our holidays and when visiting friends and family. Here, it is crucial for the dog’s safety that it can find peace and relax in its own dog bed. However, it is not always easy to bring along the dog’s bed on the journey. Wonderfold is the answer.
  • Comfort and good sleep – We want only the best for our dog. It happens that dog owners put quilts or lambskins in the dog’s bed so that the dog can lie well. However, most dogs get too hot and settle on the nearest cooling floor and thus have their sleep interrupted and often they do no use their dog bed. Wonderfold is temperature-regulating and the dog’s new favourite bed.
  • Clean materials – It is important to ensure that the dog’s bed is proven free of harmful substances, which unfortunately is not always the case for a number of products in the pet industry. Endocrine disrupting substances, including phthalates, are proved to have harmful effect to humans and animals. Wonderfold is the clean alternative