Gallery for Wonderfold

Take a look at allt the happy dogs in their Wonderfold dogs’ basket. As you can see the dog basket comes in two sizes and several colors. You can use it outside and indoors without any trouble, it is easy to clean. The pillow stuffing and cover can both withstand machine washings.

Wonderfold dog basket is the best dog bed on the market on all parameters. If you want to give both the dog and your family, the gift of having your dog cart with you. You can be inspired by the many possibilities this foldable dog cart offers, by watching the videos and gallery pictures.


The best dog bed – at home and on tour

We guarantee complete satisfaction or return of money because we are sure that the Wonderfold dog basket will suit all dogs and dog owners’ tastes.

Now you can take your dog’s safe place with you, when you go on a trip. Pack it in the dog bag and go. If you want a Wonderfold dog basket on a camping trip or by boat at sea, just fold it up and get off. All the equipment can be packed in the Wonderfold dog bag, which allows the dog to get his usual resting place with him on tour.

Give your dog a place it enjoys staying and sleeping in, buy a Wonderfold dog bed in the color you prefer. Pack it in the bag and go visit friends and family or go on a vacation.