Why a Wonderfold dog bed?

Coocoo Designs dog beds are unique because:

• They are easy to clean/wash both bed and mattress. Hygienic and hypoallergenic.

• They are in a compact design which makes them practical to send and receive.

• They have flexible corners that fit the dog and is provide extra comfort

• They have ventilation and are slip resistant.

• They have a clean and modern design. Produced and developed in Denmark.

• They are ease to transport. It’s practical and comfortable for the dog to have its bed brought along.

• They are environmentally friendly.

• They are free of endocrine disrupters and other harmful materials.


Safety with Wonderfold

With Wonderfold you can bring your dogs “safepoint” along – It’s comfortable base where it can go and relax when in unfamiliar territory. It might seem like a small thing, but the effect is huge.
The dog will feel completely safe and secure with the bed brought along, which provides a “safe-haven” for the dog, it will feel at home.

Well being and good sleep with a Wonderfold dog bed

Most dog owners choose a soft and fluffy dog bed, e.g. with a foam mattress or lambskin for the dog to have a warm and soft place to sleep undisturbed. Few realize that the dog gets too hot too quickly and lays on the floor instead to cool down.
With the Wonderfold dog bed combined with the patented Airflow cushion, the dog can lay comfortably and cool all year round without overheating.. Read more about Wonderfold Airflow cushion

The design winning, foldable dog bed “Wonderfold”. can be used anywhere – both inside and outside because the bed tolerates wet surfaces, snow, high heat, sand and other challenging weather.
In the safe confines of the home, it functions as a modern, minimalist, and comfortable dog bed.
When you are going out or on vacation, it can be folded with a smart velcro strip, along with the leash, treats and the dog toys.
On a trip: The dog bed doesn’t take up much space when folded and can be transported in a smart bag.
Bring it with you …over the shoulder, on the back of the bike, in the boot of the car, as hand luggage on a plane, train or ferry, at work, on vacation, visiting friends and family, on camping trips and alike Only your imagination sets the limits.

When you’re bringing home a new tiny pup, the Wonderfold is an obvious choice.

With the Wonderfold dog bed and cushion you can create the best possible surroundings for your family’s new puppy.
It is especially ideal for kennel owners who wish to use dog beds without disruptive endocrines in their kennel. Instead of using newspapers or cardboard boxes, that will quickly become dirty, they can get a dog bed that can be washed and disinfected in a few minutes. The puppies can enjoy the comfort and the flexible cushion which is temperature regulated regardless of the season. The dog bed is also flexible and soft so the puppies easily can find a comfortable spot.
The dog bed can be used with a Wonderfold cushion og the dogs own blanket.
With Wonderfold you will always have a practical, comfortable and clean dog bed.
Visit the shop –Your dog will love you for it !