Your dog will love you

The first foldable and hypoallergenic dog bed, made from phthala free plastics in high quality. Easy to clean and comfortable for the dog.

  • Award winning foldable design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% free of harmful materials

Hygienic and hypoallergenic dog bed

In seconds you can brush off hair and dirt from both bed and cushion and they are both easy to clean in seconds.

The dog bed and the cushion can either be wiped off/washed/soaked, and the cushion can be machine washed. Withstands all detergents without bleach, and liquid soap.

The dog bed and the filling of the cushion appear like new after each and every wash.

What are the customers saying?

Fits large and small dogs

Wonderfold hundekurven er lavet i flere forskellige størrelser, så den passer til både små og store hunde.

Wonderfold accessories

Beautiful design, comfortable, practical and functional dog bed, which can be used anywhere.
The foldable Wonderfold dog bed with functional pillow is easy and practical for the owner and meanwhile especially comfortable for the dog.
In a few seconds, the dog bed is packed up and can be brought along.

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Produced and developed in Denmark

Wonderfold is 100% Danish, as the product is designed, developed and produced in Denmark! Like
Bang and Olufsen, LEGO, Arne Jacobsen, the Sidney Opera House and many others.

The dog bed has won several awards for, among other things, design and product.

Wonderfold is the perfect dog bed

Hypoallergenic, foldable dog bed

Who wouldn’t want to bring their own bed for small trips, camping and longer vacations? Who wouldn’t wish to lie in their own bed, no matter where in the world they are. Coocoo Design has developed a foldable dog bed for mans best friend. It’s a new alternative on the market, where we’ve had the dogs comfort as a focus under the entire process.

Wonderfolds dog bed is so much more than just another dog bed. Here everything has been thought of. It is expressed through both comfort, function, design and the hypoallergenic advantages, that Coocoo Design’s Wonderfold dog bed is the absolute best choice on the market for dog beds.

By giving your dog a Wonderfold dog bed, it isn’t just your dog getting the best possible experience. You are also giving the other members of your family a gift, because this dog bed is also both easy to clean and bring on trips. On top of this you don’t have to expose your dog and family to disruptive endoctrines. With Wonderfold dog bed you get a nothing but quality in a stylistic, classic design

Foldable dog bed with lots of opportunities

With Wonderfold you also save money. You know when the dog has just been outside and drags all kinds of germs and dirt inside. With any other dog bed this would result in either the choice between a dirty dog bed, or a clean but more worn out one. If you invest in Wonderfolds dog bed you can safely walk around this particular problem.

Even when you’re on the move, on a boat or just in the car heading for a camping trip, this foldable dog bed is a safe bet. That’s because of the slip resistant surface which guarantees that the dog bed stays put on any surface. What could turn out as problems with a normal dog bed, become opportunities with Coocoo Designs foldable dog bed.