Wonderfold Dog Bed

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Wonderfold Dog Bed

Wonderfold dog basket is the first foldable and hypoallergenic dog basket on the market. It is available in a large and a small variant and in several different colors. The basket is developed in the highest quality phthalate-free plastic. With Wonderfold dog basket you get a product that is easy to clean and maintain and therefore lasts longer.

Are your family the active types who are often on tour? Maybe you are a family who occasionally goes camping or holiday home? If you or the whole family, for example, take a train to Zealand and back home, the dog bed can come all the way.

Many things play a role in choosing the right dog basket, but with the development and design of Wonderfold dog basket we have focused on turning any disadvantages into benefits. Do not compromise on quality, comfort, functionality, health and maintenance. Invest in proper equipment from the start and at the same time support products made from environmentally friendly material free of harmful substances.

Here you will find a large or small basket for a large or small dog. Find your favorite color and also see the dimensions of each size in both modes – folded and in use.

  • Award winning foldable design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% free of harmful materials

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